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Commom Questions:

What does a marine surveyor do?

-A licesned marine surveyor is a trained and acredited professional who does many things regarding boats and yachts. They are trained to spot imperfections and flaws in the hull, structure and systems of crafts along with delamination and water intrusion.


Why do I need a survey?

- Surveys are usually requested by a buyer,seller, insurance company or bank prior to the sell or purchase of the vessel. The survey then can be used to determine the true seaworthiness and value of the vessel which can be an important tool in negotiating prices. Because surveyors are trained to see and find things the average person usually misses, it is highly recommended from a safety standpoint as well. Safety and seaworthiness of your vessel is our number 1 concern. 


Are surveys expensive?

- Prices on surveys vary depending on size, type, and make of vessels, but can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Compared to the cost of the vessel, a survey is a minimal price to pay for safety and peace of mind. 


Which Vessels need surveying?

-The answer is ALL OF THEM! There is no boat that is too small or too large for surveyors to inspect. Even brand new vessels can have factory or manufacturer flaws. 

 What does the survey report entail?

- A full survey report can be anywhere from 10-60 pages long. All systems are fully checked and inspected and the estimated value of the vessel is obtained from this. This also includes an out of the water inspection of the hull and running gear along which is usually proceeded by a sea trial. All safety aspects of the vessel are inspected and noted. If there is something wrong with your vessel, we WANT to find it! 


How long does a survey take?

-Depending on the size of the vessel the physical survey usually takes anywhere from 2-6 hours and then the report is put together that evening and usually emailed the following day.


Who sees my report?

-Survey reports are private for you and you alone (unless requested by insurance companies or banks). This can be VERY beneficial when negotiating prices with a buyer or seller. A marine surveyor is a private contractor and should have no bias in doing their jobs. 


Do you travel?

-YES! We will travel wherever we need to to get the job done, pricing will be handled accordingly.

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